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Please join us in giving our clients a Christmas they will never forget 

Many of us manifest the love of Christmas through gathering with friends and family. Most of us eat, laugh and spend too much - though overall, we enjoy the love and excesses of the Christmas Season.

For young people in Marist180’s care, it is a different story - for most of them, Christmas is a difficult, challenging reminder that they are in someone else's care, disconnected from family, unable to celebrate the festive season with them. Christmas can be a time of sadness and loneliness as they ponder being among the forgotten ones in our society.

The project 'A Marist Noel' grew from Marist180’s hope to capture the Christmas spirit for the children and young people in our residential care homes, with a meaningful and memorable Christmas.

We plan to do this by giving our clients the gifts of their choice. We extend the opportunity to our suppliers, community donors, extended community, the Marist network and family to contribute.

As many know, the term Noel is from the Latin 'to be born'. Are you able to give birth to some warmth, some thoughtfulness, some generous kindness to and for our children and young people?


We provide a range of programs and services to help a young person create positive change in their lives.

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